August 06, 2018 - 0 Comments

Finally the website is complete enough to get going. There is always things to improve but that can end up in a never ending process.


So the next phase starts. Reaching out en connecting to future costumers. This not an area that am I very familiar with. So the feeling of confusing in what to do next is very prevalent.  That is why I am happy to have different communities online that gives encouragement and advice how to continue. This way it feels more like an adventure and less something really scary. The magic of the internet.




I tend to be in the background and I have a hard time to “speak out loud” both in real life and online. In many ways it’s more then an adventure. This is also a process in overcoming the silly fears that are holding me back.


It is going to be a very curious but magical adventure.


How about joining me?